About Us

Localogic LLC is a new company based in Albany, NY. However, it is the culmination of my private journey through the world of internet marketing. About five years ago, I set about trying to understand how the web works and what it takes for people to make money with internet marketing. I studied under a fantastic guy named Chris Farrell and right out of the gate started to make money with every internet marketing campaign I created. This lead me to know that I was doing something right!

Over the past couple of years I started to notice (I was not alone) that the future was in the mobile web and started to learn how to create and optimize mobile websites that would render whenever a person viewed a website with a mobile device. With three different mobile website platforms under my belt, I then started creating mobile sites for local businesses, helping them with search engine optimization, video marketing and driving more traffic to their websites.

While no one can guarantee the #1 position in Google, we can guarantee that we can get you a bigger slice of the pie!

The Difference and the Philosophy

A while ago, I attended a local chamber meet and greet and got into a conversation with a local web developer where we traded notes on our businesses. He was a nice guy and clearly competent in his field. We got talking about price points and I found myself gobsmacked by the prices he was charging customers for tasks I knew cost him a fraction of that. It reminded me of how uncomfortable I have been in haggling with tradesmen doing jobs for me that I couldn’t do myself. You’re kind of at people’s mercy. I didn’t want my business to ever be seen as taking advantage like that.

So, here’s my promise to my customers:

  • I will offer you my services for a fair price
  • I consider myself to be a man of integrity and I will treat you and your business with all of the deserved respect
  • I will move heaven and earth to make sure that you are thrilled with my services

Frank McLoughlin



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